Cracow University of Economics Repository POLSKI

Functioning policy
In Cracow University of Economics Repository (RUEK) is a digital open-access collection of documents produced by staff and PhD students of Cracow University of Economics.
You can deposit in it yourself:
  1. manuscripts (preprints)
  2. scientific publications (postprints)
  3. syllabuses, scenarios and other teaching materials
  4. scripts
  5. presentations, audio/video recordings from lectures
  6. raw data from surveys (photographs, charts, audio/video files, statistical data)
  7. other types of materials related to science and didactics
RUEK registers documents from the fields of knowledge represented at the University. The repository is assumed to be open (all works are protected by copyright, they are available for free in accordance with the will of the authors and in the scope of fair dealing). Materials can be deposited by CUE employees and PhD students. In the case of co-authorship, the consent of co-authors to the deposit is necessary. The depositor is responsible for the authenticity and credibility of the data.
By placing publications on its own in RUEK, depositors automatically consent to the copyright, for making them public.

Submitting works at RUEK has nothing to do with the transfer of CUE copyright.

Materials can be deposited at any time, it is recommended to check the contracts with the publisher or publisher's policy ( regarding the publication of works in the institutional RUEK.
All materials available in RUEK are subject to copyright, if not licensed under a free license, the rigors of this right apply.

Metadata (bibliographic descriptions) are not protected, you can use them without restrictions.
Full-text items must not be harvested by robots except transiently for full-text indexing or citation analysis.
Metadata in RUEK can be re-used in any medium without prior permission, for not-for-profit purposes, provided the URI Identifier.
RUEK bears no responsibility for any infringements of third-party copyright.
The materials collected in the repository will be stored perpetually.
  1. RUEK will provide them with permanent readability and availability.
  2. the files will be moved to new formats if necessary.
  3. the originally transmitted format and additional, new formats will be archived.
In exceptional cases related to violation of the copyright law, documents may be withdrawn from RUEK. In the above case, the object identifier (URI) will be kept indefinitely and will be directed to the bibliographic description of the deleted document. Objects are not removed from the repository literally but moved to closed archives.

If necessary, further versions of the same material can be deposited by providing relevant information in the bibliographic description. Objects have a checksum assigned to facilitate the identification and tracking of changes.
In connection with the ordinance No. R-0201-46/2018 Rectors’ of the Cracow University of Economics from 10th October 2018 on the collection and sharing by the Main Library of electronic versions of scientific and didactic materials created by PhD students and employees of the CUE [in polish], these Regulations are cited.

Regulations of the Cracow University of Economics Repository (RUEK) [in polish]

Licence and Reuse information
Full-text items deposited in RUEK are subject to copyright. Unless indicated otherwise, all rights are reserved and items may only be used in accordance with national copyright laws. Users may make a single copy for the purpose of non-commercial research or private study within the limits of fair dealing.

The publisher or other rights holders may allow further reproduction and re-use of the full text version. This is indicated by the licence information on the RUEK record for the item. Creative Commons (CC) licences are the most frequently applied licences for Open Access (OA) content.

These are the most popular CC licences used for OA research outputs:
  • Attribution (CC BY) - This licence allows users to use an item in any way, including commercially, as long as they credit the creator of the original work.
  • Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC) - This licence allows users to use an item in any way, as long as they credit the creator of the original work. Their work must be non-commercial.
  • Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND) - This licence allows users to download and share an item without making any adaptations. They must credit the creator and they can't use the work commercially.
Other CC licences are available on their website:

Where records identify the publisher as the copyright holder, users can verify any specific terms of use on the publisher’s website.

Licence information included RUEK is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time. If you consider content to be in breach of Polish law please contact us including the URL of the record and the reason for the withdrawal request.

RUEK bears no responsibility for any infringements of third-party copyright.
Depositing process
Please note that the publisher's consent is required to deposit the work that was previously published - check here Sherpa (Romeo) or ask for permission from the publisher.


To deposit your work, you must register in RUEK. (Works can be deposited only by CUE employees and PhD students)
  1. Go to the RUEK registration page
  2. Enter your e-mail address to which a confirmation link will be sent.
  3. Go to the sent link and fill in the data.

  1. Go to the My Account tab and log in. Select Start a New Submission button,
  2. Select the collection in which you want to deposit the work,
  3. Provide bibliographic information,
  4. Select the appropriate PDF file,
  5. Verify saved data,
  6. Approve the license,
  7. The work you have deposited will be checked and approved by the repository editors. At the moment of appearing in the resources of the repository, you will be informed by e-mail.

Urszula Cieraszewska

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Danuta Domalewska

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